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Need to see a healthcare provider? Our platform allows you to find the one who meets your healthcare needs.

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  1. Go to Hiip Connection Network
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Avoid Wasting Your Time On Calls

HIIP Connection is a secure and convenient way to schedule your medical appointments online.

Key Elements:

1. Time is essence
2. Reliability
3. User Friendly

Schedule an appointment with a local in-network physician in minutes

At Hiip Connection, we know your time is valuable so we are removing barriers to make healthcare convenient and straightforward. 


Provider can Grow their Practices, Reduce Overhead,Optimize Workflow, and Keep Patients Happy

Hiip Connection Provider Scheduling Platform simplifies clinical workflow, reduces staff burnout, and improves patient access. 



High-value care and a better patient experience drive trust and advocacy, which is why Hiip Connection offers access to online scheduling  services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our online scheduling software offers digital-savvy patients the convenience of booking an appointment from their phone or computer, even on weekends and holidays. 

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Hiip Connection Scheduling Platform empowers providers to be successful entrepreneurs and effective service providers by streamlining the appointment management processes workflows.



Hiip Connection is part of CredeMtia, a leading healthcare software company dedicated to unlocking the potential of healthcare organizations by providing technology tools to help them confidently scale their businesses

CredeMtia guarantees the highest patient safety and quality standards, ensuring compliance, simplifying the medical practice workflow, and driving revenue.

How to use HiiP Connection

Step By Step instructions


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Set up a secure account in just minutes using your email address.


Schedule your Doctor’s Appointment

Use the Hiip Connection Network to choose a provider based on your needs.


Feel Better

It’s that simple. Follow up with your appointments using the patient dashboard and appointment remainders.